Esmail Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Deaf Education Advocacy Fellowship (DEAF)

Esmail Patel, was born Deaf and graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a combined honours degree in business information systems, criminology and career management and is also a qualified teacher. He is a proficient user of British Sign Language which is complemented by his lip-reading skills.

DEAF is heavily involved in the deaf community, providing a number of services designed to encourage and empower deaf people to achieve their personal goals, promotes equality and equal access to information and services. He also has knowledge, experience and skills in employment, education, and the training sector, highly recognised and honoured for his achievements and awards.

In his role as CEO, he is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the company, and that it is achieving the milestones that it sets itself, as well as making sure that Deaf people are being represented and supported to access everyday services.