Shezad Nawab, Deaf Enterpreneur

He had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He explained: When I was 10 years old, I asked my father how he could become a millionaire and make my fortune. He explained the steps that you had to take to achieve success. He said that to “you have to build great foundations and take small steps to achieve big things”. Shezad has been raised in a ‘Business focussed’ family. 
His initial experiences in business and work gave him passion to move to highest levels. He set up a businesses and companies on; Princess Beauty, World Property Luxury, Business Consulting, Global Synergy Group, fabsolutions, and many more.

Shezad has many ventures with blue chip companies in a vast range of sectors. He said: “I am passionate about entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom, Europe, International and has helped many new businesses, start ups, SMEs and growing businesses.”