Iain Sutherland, Bristol City Council’s Deaf Equality Officer

Iain is a part-time Deaf Equality Officer working for Bristol City Council, as part of the wider corporate Equality team although his role is specific and focus on the needs and equality consideration for Deaf people. Iain has began to work for Bristol City Council at summer 2007, however Bristol City Council have already adopted BSL charter (declared pledges and commitment to Deaf community and deaf people) in 2004.

Part of his role was to influence the council’s strategy and service providers to include the needs of deaf people, to encourage deaf people to gain equal access with Bristol City Council’s service and their partner organisations. At the recent Harrow Deaf Awareness Day in May 2013 as a guest speaker, he gave a presentation, about the council’s progress and efforts on improving access for Deaf people whether they are service users, employees, citizens, residents.